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New Additions

There have been many changes to SlackBuilder in the last year. Too many to recount here. But there are a few that deserve mention.

pkg-tools has recieved the most attention with many new bug fixes, commands and feature additions. The following is some of the more usefull.

  • pkg-blacklist: is a command to add/remove packages to/from a blacklist file. A blacklisted package can still be searched, installed etc... they are just not included in the upgrading process. This prevents them from showing up in the pkg-applet upgrade list. So you don't get constantly harrassed to upgrade a package you have no intention of upgrading. But you can still upgrade it manually if desired.
  • pkg-priority: this command is used to manage a priority list file of packages. packages in the priority list will be installed/upgraded from the source defined.
  • pkgd: a pkg-upgrade daemon. will check for updates every two hrs or whatever is defined in /etc/pkg-tools/pkgd.conf
  • Pkg-applet: starts and stops a pkg-applet that runs in the system tray
  • etc...: there are other commands and updates to find out more go to the tutorial Package Manager

2021-01-30 lxc_desktops
2019-10-30 current_development
2018-11-17 new_additions
2017-05-11 grub_bug_squashed
2017-05-02 pkginfo_to_pkg-tools
2017-03-05 tutorial_updated
2016-11-12 source_changes

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