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Name Change for pkginfo

Due to a package name conflict with pkginfo at the name for SlackBuilder's pkginfo package and command have been changed to pkg-tools for the package ( which is more fitting anyway ) and pkg-info for the command.

How to upgrade

The pkg-manager needs to be first. To upgrade just do..

pkginfo -u
getpkg pkginfo

It will install pkg-tools, move /etc/pkginfo/pkginfo.rc to /etc/pkg-tools/RC then remove itself.

The cache location has changed from /var/pkginfo to /var/pkgcache so you need to update again...

pkg-info u

Or alternatively there is now a shorthand command...


All other SlackBuilder packages have been changed that reference pkginfo so they must be upgraded as well. If You want to upgrade everything at once you can run pkg-upgrade and just type y and enter. But if you haven't upgraded in a while and the new kernel shows up you may want to just use pkg-get

If you use pkg-get to grab slkn-usbboot. The rest of its dependencies will follow, then get slackpacks separately

pkg-get slkn-usbboot
pkg-get slackpacks

or the lazy way...

pkg-getd slkn-setup slackpacks

There are six packages in all...


Other changes

There have been several changes along with the name. Take a look in /etc/pkg-tools to see whats new. The most glaring is the name of the .rc and .cfg files. They were pkginfo.rc pkginfo.rc.tpl and pkginfo.cfg. They are now RC RC-tpl and CFG respectively. Also there is an effort to provide shortcuts to many of the pkg-info

pkg-info -u -> pkg-u
pkg-info -m -> pkg-m

Many but not all have been added. Originally the pkg-x commands were intended to be direct access shortcuts to functions in the CFG file. So things like pkg-s called a function named s which is a search function for metadata. But I later made the call switch for pkg-info to -m for metadata and -s for source. But the functions stayed the same. So pkg-s returns metadata and pkg-psrc returns a package's source information. Also pkg-R returns different information than pkg-info -R.

A few of the old shorthands are used through out the SlackBuilder tools. Suffice to say there is some cleaning up to do to make everything conststant. This will be done as time permits

The Docs

The tutorial has been updated to reflect the change.

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