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Source Changes

Packages that are non ARCH or version specific have been moved out of ARCH and version specific repositories into one common repository.

Now a single repository provides packages for multiple architectures. This is mainly to ease the burden of repository maintinence for SlackBuilder tools. Multiple instances of the same package in multiple repositories was becoming a major headache.

The default source lines in both /etc/pkginfo.rc & /etc/slkn-setup/SRC have been changed in accordance.

A new Priority policy has been implemented based on the order a source appears in its file. The highest priorty comming in last. If a package of the same name exists in more than one repository it will be retrieved from the source farthest down the list. You'll want to put your own source entry at the end.

Applying changes to pkginfo

Just add to your /etc/pkginfo/pkginfo.rc

Prior to 'Nov 1, 2016' /etc/pkginfo/pkginfo.rc was like this...

For x86_64

For x86

The new post Nov 1 2016....

For x86_64
# <== new required line

For x86
You get the idea.

Now to implement the changes....first update the database...

pkginfo -u

pkginfo and its dependencies need to be upgraded and database updated again before installing or upgrading anything else.

pkg-get pkginfo

Note: there will probably be some error messages during the upgrade....just run...

pkginfo -u

again and all will be bliss...

Applying changes to slkn-setup

/etc/slkn-setup/SRC... is the same except with pkgslists attached. Z_slackerson pkgslist needs to be moved to the new source. from ....,Z_slackerson

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