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Under the SETTINGS menu option you can load previously saved install configurations or save the one you just created.
Continuing from the SELECT article, after having assigned a list of pkgslist files to a source it is a good idea to save that information as a SETTINGS choice.

SAVE settings

Select the SAVE option...

You can save as NEW or EXISTING. For this demo I'll save as NEW.

You are shown the list of existing saved settings configurations. If you try and use one of those names here you will get an error.
I'm going to save to a new setting of Fubar and hit OK...

You are then given a chance to change or confirm your name choice. Press yes when complete...

A message will appear informing you that your settings are being saved then you are dropped back to the Save settings screen.
Notice the Config: entry in the dashboard now shows Fubar is loaded. Press EXIT to get back to the Load/Save settings screen.

CLEAR settings

Select CLEAR if you want to reset to factory settings. Or you could load some other setting edit and save it as you wish.
I'm going to CLEAR.

Yes to confirm...

A message informs you of the reset and then you are back to the Load/Save settings screen.

LOAD settings

To make changes to Fubar select it from the list.

Then press OK to LOAD it.

Script settings

To make changes to the Post-install configuration Scripts EXIT out to the main menu and select CONFIGURE.


First let's ADD a couple of scripts.

The help messages says you can remove by deselecting but this is not true.
You have to select the REMOVE option to remove. :) I'll have to change that at some point.

I've removed A_2_xxx and added C_1_xxx and C_2_xxx. Enter OK...

We are now back in the Post-install Configuration screen.
C_1 and C_2 provide the mechanism to migrate your hosts state to a new installation. You can add your own scripts to
the local directory and chmod them to execute as long as the C_2 script is active.
I will cover this subject in more detail in the advanced section of the tutorial in future.
*Notice that script is still listed. To remove select SCRIPTS again then REMOVE.

All the preselected scripts need to be deselected if you want to keep them. Any script selected will be removed.

Hit OK to remove.

Now the A_2 script is gone from the list.

If the sources and post-install scripts are to our liking we should go back and save to the Fubar settings.
There is no need to cover that again since saving settings is covered previously in the article.
The screenshot below is after I have saved to Fubar cleared to factory and reloaded Fubar.

Wrapping up

The Settings configurations are essentially the definition of your distribution.
Selecting existing settings configs and switching between them is a breeze.
The hard work is building your packages, repositories, pkgslists files and any custom post-install scripts.
I will get more in depth on these topics in the advanced section of the tutorial later.

Below are a few screenshots of various other configs loaded...

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