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The installer must have at least one or more source(s) defined in /etc/slkn-setup/SRC with one or more package lists assigned to it. ie:,A10_kernel-x86_64

There are three directives defined in this one line and are separated by colons(:).

  1                           2                                          3
HTTP  :  :  A00_xfcecomplete , A10_kernel-x86_64
      ^                                                 ^

  1. First is the protocal to use. The supported choices are HTTP, RSYNC and DIR (for a local directory)
  2. Next is the URL to where the PACKAGES.TXT file resides
  3. Followed by a single or comma(,) deliminated list of pkgslists files. In this case there are two

Note: Normally slkn-setup is shipped with pre-configured sources and pkgslists set to install a complete SlackBuilder system. As you become familiar with the installer you will undoubtably want to configure your own.

You can add/edit sources by selecting the SOURCE menu option in the main screen. Here is a screen shot of the choices under SOURCE.

And one of selecting HTTP

Once your are done with adding sources EXIT out to the main menu. The next step is to add some package lists to the source. SELECT

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