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About SlackBuilder

SlackBuilder is basically just a redistribution of Slackware Linux, but with a few additions. It's targeted mainly to the slackware enthusiast but anybody is welcome to use it. Where other distro's endevor to build the 'Perfect' OS for you. SlackBuilder provides tools necessary for you to build your own Perfect OS, as long it begins with slackware of coarse. Taylored specifially for you by you.

The Tools

  • A Package Manager : SlackBuilder comes with a unique package management system that forms the basic building blocks for all other tools
  • A Package and Repository Builder : Which will pull build scripts from or a custom repository and create packages in a local repository that is package manager ready.
  • An Installer : A uniq installer is provided 'Setup'. It is designed to give the user complete control over the installation process. Allowing installation of packages from multiple sources.
  • A Boot image Creator : This tool takes an official Slackware usbboot.img and rebuilds it into a SlackBuilder usbboot-ARCH-VERSION.img. This tool allows you to customize your own installation boot images.

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