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Selecting the right medium

There are three ways to install Slackbuilder.

  • usbboot.img
  • package manager
  • rootfs
The Installer can install x86_64, i686, armv7, aarch64 plus current all from a single medium.

Usbboot Images

Note: All install images are remakes of slackware's usbboot.img.

Package Manager

To install the package manager only, download this tar file pkg_manager.tar.xz. Once downloaded. As root run the following commands to install.

tar xvf pkg_manager.tar.xz
cd pkg_manager 

You can learn more about the package manager here


The rootfs's are self contained mini Slackbuilder systems and can be used on any Linux/Unix host to install to: a hard drive, virtual machine image, directory, lxc container, to it self etc...

sbfs -> slackbuilder rootfs
sbfso -> with Open Package Manager
msfs -> muscles alpine slackware hybrid


For installation instructions please see Installing.

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