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Choosing the right boot image

Short Description

  • The boot image installer is pre set to install a complete SlackBuilder distribution of about 700 packages.
  • There is limited wifi support and you can connect via the installer program; wpa_supplicant is used to authorize secure networks.
  • The Lynx web browser is available if need be
  • Once installed there are two desktops to choose from: Xfce (plain vanilla slack) and Openbox -- SlackBuilder configured, lxdm or 'startopenbox' command will start a decent session.
  • And of course it comes with all the SlackBuilder tools

Images for 14.2 are updated regularly. (current has been suspended while work continues on 14.2).

Attention: You can now load & save installation settings profiles. Check out the SETTINGS option from the main menu of the Installer. There are several profiles to choose from.


Note: All install images are remakes of slackware's usbboot.img. Rebuilt with 'mkimg'. A usbboot img conversion command that ships with SlackBuilder's slkn-usbboot package.

For installation instructions please see Installing.

Just the package manager

To install the package-manager only, download this tar file pkg_manager.tar.xz. Once downloaded. As root run the following commands to install.

tar xvf pkg_manager.tar.xz
cd pkg_manager 

Then go to the Package-manager section of the tutorial to learn more.

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