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Installing Slackbuilder

First of all you will need to download a usbboot image here.

Once downloaded you can ...

  • load up the usbboot image in a virtual machine (Qemu) along with another disk image to install to. Or
  • write the image out to a usb disk for hard drive installation.
Note: A few years ago Slackware didn't load up in Virtualbox due to some kernel compile time configuration requirements not being met. Hence I now use Qemu for virtualization. I'm not sure if it will run in Virtualbox yet as I have not tested it.

Creating a boot disk

If installing to hard drive then after downloading you will need to create a boot disk.

From Linux

open up a terminal as root and use dd like so...

dd if=usbboot-x86_64-current.img of=/dev/sdc
where /dev/sdc should obviously be replaced with whatever your usb device is.

CAUTION !! For the uninitiated the above dd command will wipe out all data previously on the disk so be sure to back it up. Or just use a blank one.

From Windows

There are at least two programs that let Windows users write disk images to disks that I know of. I'm not a Windows user so I'll let them provide the instruction...

Boot disk requirements

You only need a usb stick of about 200MB.

The initrd.img and huge.s kernel image only take up about 100MB which is a bit larger than slackware's. The complete boot image is 150MB to accomodate any needed future expansion.


The install to hard drive instruction are applicable to all methods of installation using the usbboot image with the execption of DIRECTORY. It doesn't matter if your installing to an image file as a loop device or in a virtual machine or physical drive. Every thing must eventually be a device partition. The only difference is in preparing that partition. And even the target partition becomes a mounted directory. So at that point the DIRECTORY target becomes the common denominator. However you sure as H*** don't want to install grub to a directory target. Grub will get installed to your system MBR if running the installer from a regular host.

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